The nation has spoken and prosecco is now the favourite drink in the country!
SO how can you make a drink who earned its fame as “everyday little luxury” feel extra special on your BIG day? We are talking, Special birthday, hen party or Wedding day!
Well the answer might just be a ‘pimp your prosecco’ zone!

‘Pimp your prosecco’ stations are absolutely all the rage at parties currently. Not surprising as prosecco is the drink of choice for celebrations! An organic and vegan fine prosecco is fantastic value vs Champagne, and if you value access to small vineyards with heritage and history then you are in luck, Princess.P Black label will be proud to be put on the tables comes the big day.

Don’t worry we will share our top tips and tricks to set up the most innovative and fun “Prosecco Pimp Area”  so your guests can enjoy themselves!

Let us introduce you to the best ingredients that you should consider for your “Pimp your prosecco” zone!



Quite simply the easiest way to make a prosecco-based cocktail is by adding a flavoured liqueur or cordial or syrup. Elderflower cordial is the all time classic you can also use a liqueur version (we recommend the Edinburgh gin Elderflower liqueur or if you want to be adventurous the Rhubarb & Ginger – why not order our mini duo pack to trial them both?). Another firm favourite would be a Prosecco royal (blackcurrant or as the French call it Cassis liqueur) if you want extra fancy add a sprig of thyme. Recent trends have been all about Traditional heritage flavours such as Rose syrup made famous by Sophie Dahl ( try our Monin Rose Syrup, simply amazing), Violet or even Lavender. If you are after something a little different why not consider a Spanish theme and serve our Sangria Mix Syrup for an exciting Prosecco Sangria Royal, perfect to go with a giant paella!


Fruit purée or fresh fruits

All berries taste great with prosecco – blackberries, strawberries, raspberries! But be adventurous and look at cherry, peach, grapefruit… pretty much any fruit will go well with prosecco. You can either drop the fruit in whole or chop it up, cut it in wedges or puree it. Perfect to pack some serious flavour. I personally prefer the whole fruit or wedges as easier to eat and look amazing.



If you are going for a country garden theme, you absolutely must bring your theme into your cocktails! Read our previous blog posts about edible flowers, there are so many options to select from, your personality will shine through! Make sure you try plenty of options and pick your favourites, they will look beautiful on the day and will delight all your guests.



Yes you can still be the child at heart we know you are by using boozy gummies with your prosecco! Drop a cute gummy bear at the bottom of a chilled prosecco glass and gobble it up at the end! Much better than a worm in tequila if you ask us! Another option is to drop gummies in ice cube trays and pour prosecco on them. Add them to the prosecco in a glass and they will look fun without diluting the taste like water would! Try our gummy bears or peach rings who said sipping didn’t have to be fun! For a girly gathering we suggest you try adding a little candy floss to top up each prosecco glass, like a little cloud on the sea, beautiful!


Prosecco slushies or popsicles

If you’re planning on a summer wedding, you might want to explore this cool option! Grab yourself some popsicles or if you are on a budget make your own. You can serve them upside down in tumblers half-filled with prosecco. You can also hire a slush machine and serve out Prosecco slushies in small cute cups.




We all want a bit of a sparkle on our big day and what better way to do it than adding a little edible glitter to transform your glass into a Princess Dream! We suggest you try our Unicorn Shimmer – Passion fruit, Green Apple, Blueberry are my favourite … the last one perfect to toast to a new couple … something old, something new and cheers, something blue!!



Top Tips to create the perfect “Pimp my Princess.P” prosecco zone:

  • CLEAR SIGNAGE:  Many options such as chalkboards, wood, custom signs displayed on an easel will ensure people are pointed in the right direction.
  • SAFE SENSIBLE LOCATION: Make sure the surface is flat and accessible for groups ( allow for multiple people hoovering at the same time) with plenty of space to hold your prosecco, glasses, and  all extras. From a basic table covered in a gorgeous cloth or something more vintage you can let your imagination run wild! Check out Ebay or local markets.
  • PERSONALISATION elements. Showcase your tastes and preferences and play up your wedding’s theme. Containers, Milk type mini bottles even on a budget you can have so much fun here!
  • Bottles of PRINCESS.P Prosecco, ice container and glasses to serve it in. Our premium black label is organic, vegan and gluten free the perfect fine prosecco for your big day. We source it directly from the small sustainable vineyard that grow, hand harvest and bottle it with love.


We hope this gives you plenty of ideas and fuels your imagination! Check our pinterest boards and visit our on line gift store to purchase some of the highlighted products.

Drop us a note for a bespoke quote to supply prosecco for your event, and we wish you an amazing big Day, full of bubbles!

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