So if you’re a real Prosecco lover like us, you will know that Prosecco is the best bubbly you can possibly choose. It’s the perfect drink for parties and celebrations, but did you know that Prosecco can be enjoyed at any time of the day?


If you didn’t, then you will enjoy this post, which is all about our top food pairings with Prosecco, to take you from dawn to dusk; after all, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!


1 – Breakfast


The most important meal of the day! As it is still early, why not start with a mimosa? Make sure to use a dry Prosecco for this one, as it will go great with the food combinations below.

A classic mimosa recipe calls for equal parts sparkling wine to orange juice. And our top tip: when you’re making a mimosa, always add the Prosecco first, then top with orange juice.


Best food pairings for breakfast:

  • smashed avocado & smoked salmon on toast
  • eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce
  • fluffy American-style pancakes with blueberries maple syrup
2 – Lunch


Moving on to lunch, we think a light lunch would work great with your glass of Prosecco, which we’d recommend to be light and refreshing, to go with your bite-sized savoury food.


Best food pairings for lunch:

  • selection of cured meats
  • grilled chicken salad
  • cheese platter


3 – Afternoon snack


Personally my favourite meal of the day! Pick an extra bubbly Prosecco to keep things exciting, and congratulate yourself on choosing a premium snack that puts the usual combo of tea and biscuits to shame!


Best food pairings for your afternoon snack:

  • scones with jam and clotted cream
  • pop corn (try it, the combination is truly divine!)
  • salted caramel brownie
  • chocolate (dark chocolate in particular)
4 – Dinner


Now for the main event!

The beauty of Prosecco is that you can choose a wide array of dishes which either compliment or contrast in flavours with the wine. For heavier dishes, such as pastas with meat or cream sauces, serve an acidic Prosecco to refresh the palate and clear the mouth of the rich flavours.


Best food pairings for dinner:

  • traditional roast dinner (with all the trimmings!)
  • beef lasagne
  • seafood risotto
5 – Dessert


As no meal would be complete without dessert, we wanted to finish this mouth-watering article with our favourite options for dessert. And since Christmas will soon be upon us, we’ve made the selection extra festive. We’d recommend going for a ‘demi-doux- or sweet kind of Prosecco to go with dessert.


Best food pairings for dessert:

  • apricot and hazelnut mince pie
  • fruity Christmas pudding
  • black forest cheesecake



Enjoy &  feel free to share your favourite pairings with us on social media!





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