So, the guests have arrived, they now have a glass in their hands …
UNFORTUNATELY they don’t all know each other and it is a little awkward!
Of course the best way to break the ice is to suggest a drinking game! A prosecco drinking game, because Princess.P prosecco is always a good idea!
Prosecco is social by nature! An easy way to get people interacting and laughing is to start the night playing clink & drink!
As the hostess with the mostest you will act as Princess of ceremony – you will have prepared a  list of short bold statements such as “opened the door wearing only underwear” , “fibbed about returning a book to the library”, “fancied a teacher” etc…
To start playing, pour everyone a glass of prosecco and ask one of the statement … all those who have done the statement will take a sip and click their drink with their neighbour – soon they will know lots of really silly stories about each other!

When the night is well under way it is time to play prosecco pong … or if this year you fancy something a little different why not try crazy dare Jenga!

All you need is a jinga set (standard size or maxi garden variety!) and a marker pen.


Build the tower and then start the game in turn as you normally would. You can place a polaroid camera on a side table to create a wall of memories!

Whoever knocks down the tower has to do the final forfeit … we leave it up to you to be creative with it!


Get creative by thinking of a list or dare from twerking to speaking with a French accent, down your drink etc…

Not all Jenga pieces need to have a dare, it is all up to you!


You can buy our prosecco + game set below for convenience.

We hope you have an amazing time and make plenty of memories – feel free to share some pics on Facebook or Instagram!

And remember, Prosecco made me do it!

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