Sparkly Unicorn Trio Gift Set

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Transform your Prosecco or sparkling drink into a magical unicorn potion!

This gift set contains a full size bottle of Princess.P Prosecco (750ml) and a 50ml flavoured Unicorn Shimmer Syrup together with a Unicorn Bottle Stopper. What a winning trio!

Our fabulous, gluten free vegan Prosecco  will help you celebrate in style! Pick between 3 sparkly shimmer syrups from Unicorn & Co (Passion Fruit, Blueberry or Mojito Mint).

Paired with this gorgeous Unicorn shaped stopper, this is sure to be a hit!

Straight from the charming Italian vineyards in Treviso, near Venice, we are not sold in supermarkets. Full of fragrance from the pomegranate, multiple herbs and flowers of the Italian countryside; this prosecco has a soul and was made to lighten up parties! We believe our wine is filled with the joyous memories of our grapes. Now it’s time for you to make memories of your own.

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So you love sparkles… or you know someone who does! Well, we have the perfect gift set for you!

Beautiful Hand Crafted Glass Unicorn Head Prosecco Bottle Stopper, 1 x 750ml bottle of Prosecco (Pick between princess.P white or black label) and 1 x Shimmer Syrup (50ml) from Unicorn Shimmer Co.

Turning Prosecco sipping into a magical sparkly experience!


The bottle stopper is the perfect Gift for all Unicorn/Drink Lovers! Comes in a black presentation gift box.
FRUIT FLAVOURED UNICORN SHIMMER SYRUP: pick one of 3 flavours from Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Mojito Mint.

How to use:

  1. Pour approximately 5ml of our Syrup into your chosen glass
  2. Top up your glass with your favourite drink
  3. Watch the magic happen and enjoy your new flavoursome drink

*Add more shimmer syrup for a greater effect*

*Shake well before use*

Estimated guide: ONE BOTTLE MAKES 10 SERVINGS!



We are delighted to offer you the option to purchase your Princess.P favourite Prosecco. Delivery to your nominated address, for convenience, always.

You can pick our Classic White Prosecco or our Premium Black label (Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan).

The glera grapes have enjoyed a sunny summer on the Prosecco hills of Treviso and the wine is full of life and joy.

Floral, aromatic, this wine makes a superb aperitif on its own or as a cocktail mixer, as well as an excellent accompaniment to white meat and fish dishes.

Princess.P Prosecco is a testament to the Italian wine tradition passed down from generations, and the love of the land. Flavours unlike anything you’d get at the supermarket.


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