This Christmas season many of us will encounter temptation, desire and sheer peer pressure to drink more than we should really do; we love to party, so Princess.P concocted the ultimate cocktail recipe to avoid the dreaded hangover! 
Let’s face it nausea, banging headache and delicate stomachs are not the sexy side of the festive season. 
First let’s clarify organic prosecco does not give you a hangover free pass!
Organic or not there is no magic fizz!
Organic wine limits or avoids pesticides, yes they cost more, but their high price point comes from the fact that the land is treated with respect and is bio enriched. The grapes are hand harvested, selecting the best grapes and avoiding bruising the wine, at dawn or in the evening, so the grapes are cool and therefore minimum sulphites is required for the first fermentation. Indeed, sulphites are notorious for triggering headaches and cause asthma reactions.
You might not realise it but end up paying a higher price after drinking cheap wines! 


However the main culprit for hangovers in my opinion are congeners. They are naturally occurring impurities that form during the distillation and fermentation process, and they play a key role in making a hangover worse, particularly nausea the morning after…

Dark-coloured boozes, such as scotch, are higher in congeners than clear liquor, such as rum, gin and vodka. 

So avoid Beer ( one of the worst!), and dark alcohols. Red wine is worse than white wine.

Tips on how to avoid a hangover :



  • Alternate 2 alcoholic drinks and 1 glass of water :  when you’re consuming alcohol your body gets dehydrated, so you want to drink plenty of water.  
  • Our top tip: coconut water is a great option, it’s hydrating, full of potassium and electrolytes. So we shall use it in our Royal coco Fizz!
  • Nothing  too greasy (carbs cause a big spike in blood sugar and then a crash), high in sugar or fat. 
  • The best foods for the liver are turmeric, garlic, lime & lemon, as well as beetroot, broccoli, kale, and berries. 
  • Anything high in vitamin B, C, magnesium or potassium will help your head too.
  • So my tip during a heavy night:  snack on chocolate/nuts and add a slice of lime/lemon to your drinks!
  • Don’t do shots!
  • Pace yourself 


Prosecco is lower in alcohol than other sparkling wines, at about 11 or 12%.

So pace yourself, keep hydrated and you could be partying all night long!

So here it is, our “Party all night long” – hangover slayer 2018 Holiday season Cocktail:
The Royal Coco Fizz


50ml coconut water
25ml white coconut rum (Malibu is perfect)
juice of 1/2 lime
Ice (for festive fun add gummy bears to your ice or gold leaves if you prefer some bling!)
50ml Princess.P black label prosecco (organic & vegan)


How to make the cocktail:
Simply add the coconut rum, coconut water and lime juice into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake until the outside of the shaker is icy-cold to the touch. Pour into a chilled coupe or tulip glass, top with the Princess.P Prosecco and finally serve. 
You can add a little grated dry coconut on top for effect!

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